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I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you, praying always with joy in my every prayer for all of you...+Philippians 1:3-5





Diocese of Lubbock Photos
Most Rev. Plácido Rodríguez, CMF, Bishop of Lubbock, celebrated Mass for students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the Texas Tech University campus in the Kent Hance Chapel.

Welcome to the virtual office for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock.  This home page and the other pages on our site are designed to provide you with access to indispensable information about the ministries and activities of the Church of Lubbock as well as valuable links to other resources.  We sincerely hope you will find that your visit here was an informative and inspiring experience.

Encompassing 25 counties on the Llano Estacado and Rolling Plains of West Texas, the Diocese of Lubbock -- is a church of more than 136,000 Catholics who gather in 62 parish churches.  Ours is a delightfully diverse -- a truly "catholic" -- church.  Please feel free to visit us in person and discover how you might draw closer to Jesus Christ in our midst, living with us a life of sacramental grace and loving service.

May God bless you and grant you prosperity as you live a life of authentic Christian discipleship and stewardship.


Pope to dads: Play with your kids, be strong, loving, moral role models
"They are orphans in a family because their fathers are often absent, also physically, from home, but above all because when they are home they don't act like fathers, they don't dialogue with their children, they don't fulfill their role as educators, they don't give their children, by way of their example and their words, those principles, values and rules of life that they need like bread," he said.

Bishops use Supreme Court case to call for death penalty abolition
Several bishops in the U.S. have welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to re-examine death penalty protocols, and have called for the abolition of the death penalty. “We pray that the court’s review of these protocols will lead to the recognition that institutionalized practices of violence against any person erode reverence for the sanctity of every human life. Capital punishment must end,” Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, who chairs the U.S. bishops’ pro-life activities committee, said Jan. 27.

Pope changes another tradition: each new archbishop will receive pallium in his own archdiocese
For years, each new archbishop has received his pallium directly from the Pontiff, during Mass on the patronal feast of the Church of Rome, on June 29.  However, Pope Francis has said that each archbishop should receive the pallium in his own archdiocese, from the apostolic nuncio, the Pope’s representative in the country. Msgr. Guido Marini, the master of liturgical ceremonies, explained in a letter to new archbishops that Pope Francis thought this ceremony would “greatly favor the participation of the local Church.”

Father Merton at 100: Still inspiring people to get closer to God
When Trappist Father Thomas Merton addressed persistent racism in his writing during the 1960s, his message seemingly reached into the future. Appealing to society to recognize that all people are children of God, Father Merton questioned practices that prevented African-Americans from achieving full equality and called for the end of discrimination in all forms.

Who's entering religious life these days?
U.S. Catholics are being encouraged to get to know local religious communities, as a new study offers insight into the potential impact of vocational programs, Catholic schools, and encouragement in discerning. “I encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to visit local religious communities in their own area during the Day of Religious Open Houses, Sunday, February 8,” Bishop Michael F. Burbidge of Raleigh, N.C. said Jan. 26.

Around the Net – Catholic Blogosphere

Does Your Mind Wander When You Pray?
Do you have trouble paying attention while praying? Does your mind wander? Do you sometimes fall asleep? Do you forget where you were and stop? Do you then feel ashamed and disappointed in yourself? Do you get frustrated? Do you want to give up trying to pray long prayers like the Rosary? Do you give up? Or do you keep trying?

The Infinite of the Intimate: The Vastness of Family & Community Life
Often times it is easy for us to fall prey to the cult of human progress. By this I mean the way of thinking and being in which we categorize more as better and new as best. This, unfortunately, has become one of the defining dogmas of our age, which has led to the era of the modern nomad, man with no historical, cultural, or religious context of continuity and self-understanding. As a result, man has become lost in the cosmos (to steal a book title of a favorite author of mine) and unable to find his way back home.

To Parents: Keep Reading Out Loud
Everybody knows how important it is to read to toddlers. Apart from the emotional element, reading out loud every day during the pre-K years sends a child to kindergarten with a significantly larger vocabulary than a child without that experience possesses. And what happens in kindergarten and after is that the gap grows (because of what is called the “Matthew Effect”).

QUIZ: Contemporary Worship Song or Love Song?
Yes, yes, the Bible describes the relationship between Christ and the Church as a bridegroom and bride, and the Song of Songs is pretty explicit (and is traditionally interpreted as being about the relationship between Christ and the Church), but still – anyone else feel a bit awkward by this phenomenon?



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