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I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you, praying always with joy in my every prayer for all of you...+Philippians 1:3-5






Catholic News Service Photo
Wadley Fleurime, 18, originally from Haiti, and Diane De Bernardo tour the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary July 25 in Wadowice, Poland, with other pilgrims from the Diocese of Brooklyn, N.Y. The town of Wadowice is where St. John Paul II was born. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)

Welcome to the virtual office for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock.  This home page and the other pages on our site are designed to provide you with access to indispensable information about the ministries and activities of the Church of Lubbock as well as valuable links to other resources.  We sincerely hope you will find that your visit here was an informative and inspiring experience.

Encompassing 25 counties on the Llano Estacado and Rolling Plains of West Texas, the Diocese of Lubbock -- is a church of more than 136,000 Catholics who gather in 62 parish churches.  Ours is a delightfully diverse -- a truly "catholic" -- church.  Please feel free to visit us in person and discover how you might draw closer to Jesus Christ in our midst, living with us a life of sacramental grace and loving service.

May God bless you and grant you prosperity as you live a life of authentic Christian discipleship and stewardship.


Pope responds to violence in Munich and Kabul with call for more prayer
On Sunday, Pope Francis responded to recent acts of violence in Germany and Afghanistan, expressing his closeness to the families of the victims, and stressing the importance of prayer in the face of threats against “safety and peace.” “At this time, our spirit is once more shaken by the sad news relating to the deplorable acts of terrorism and violence which have caused suffering and death,” the Pope said in an appeal after the weekly Angelus at the Vatican.

WYD pilgrims try to grasp the grimness of Auschwitz camps 
Walking into the Auschwitz concentration camp, Stephanie Dalton felt a chill up and down her spine. She called it the spirit of those who died at the hands of the Nazis more than 70 years ago. "You could tell the people's presence (was) still there," she said after her group from the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, walked through the camp July 25 as part of their World Youth Day pilgrimage. Dalton, 19, a member of Sts. Simon and Jude Parish, spoke to Catholic News Service during a break after touring the camp and the nearby Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp where nearly 1 million people were killed in secret during World War II.

Pope Francis: the word ‘Father’ is the ‘secret of Jesus’ prayer’
“It is the key that he himself gives us so that we can also enter into this relationship of trusting dialogue with the Father, who has accompanied and sustained his life,” the Pope told the crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square, as he commented briefly on the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer. “Jesus’ teaching on prayer continues with two parables, in which he takes as a model the attitude of a friend toward another friend, and of a father toward his son,” Pope Francis continued. 

Polish bishops rap fearmongers on immigration
The statement from the Polish bishops' conference was released through the Vatican press office, suggesting a concerted campaign by the Vatican and the Polish episcopal conference to address the issue of immigration before Pope Francis arrives in Krakow.  In fact, the Polish bishops' conference observes, only 0.4% of Poland's current residents are immigrants, and most of these are from neighboring countries rather than from the Middle East. Poland "is not located on the road of the main migratory flows in Europe," the statement notes. 

Youngest US track Olympian relies on God when times get tough
Sydney McLaughlin has not had an easy year. In recent months, she fell ill with mononucleosis, her mother suffered a heart attack, and she underwent a nervous breakdown before a major qualifying track competition. So when she became the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic track and field team on July 10, the victory was extra sweet. What gets 16-year-old McLaughlin through the stress and pressure that inevitably comes with competing with some of the world’s top athletes? Her Christian faith.


Around the Net -- Catholic Blogosphere

Why Being Kind Is Important
I read a Catholic blog recently on the topic of whether Jesus was “nice” or not. The article focused on the fact that as Catholics we should not just be “nice” or “tolerant” but rather authentic, truthful and also ready to preach the Gospel to all. I agree with the premise of the article; being a Christian and being a Catholic, particularly, is not about being nice or tolerant but about faith in Christ and in living it out.

The 7 Most Common Mistakes You Can Make While Discerning Your Vocation
In my late teens and early twenties, following a pretty significant conversion, the question of my vocation began to loom heavily over my entire spiritual journey. A prolonged pitched battle with God ensued in which I strained mightily (and in vain) for perfect clarity and knowledge of whether I was called to the priesthood. My personal conversion, at the end of my senior year in high school, was prompted largely by the examples of great and holy men who were themselves priests and, so, for me, the attraction to that particular calling was inevitable. Even as a married man and father now, I still have deep respect for the priesthood and continue to think of it as a beautiful way of life.

Seeing the Invisible God
Don’t we all long to see God? Yet, so much of the time, He remains largely invisible to us. How does He reveal Himself in our day-to-day lives? When we want to see someone we can’t actually meet, such as a loved one who moved far away, we often keep pictures—images—in our homes. Now we have the added benefits of options like Skype or Face Time, so we can virtually meet with those we long to see. Yet, these are not novel ideas: God thought of them first! And He uses them daily to touch each one of us, even when we feel He is most invisible.




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