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I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you, praying always with joy in my every prayer for all of you...+Philippians 1:3-5



Diocse of Lubbock Photos
Bishop Placido Rodriguez, CMF, blesses the new location of the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Lubbock Resale Center in 1505 34th Street, Lubbock. Cynthia Quintanilla, executive director of Catholic Charities, began the ceremony and Bishop followed with the blessing of the building.

Welcome to the virtual office for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock.  This home page and the other pages on our site are designed to provide you with access to indispensable information about the ministries and activities of the Church of Lubbock as well as valuable links to other resources.  We sincerely hope you will find that your visit here was an informative and inspiring experience.

Encompassing 25 counties on the Llano Estacado and Rolling Plains of West Texas, the Diocese of Lubbock -- is a church of more than 136,000 Catholics who gather in 62 parish churches.  Ours is a delightfully diverse -- a truly "catholic" -- church.  Please feel free to visit us in person and discover how you might draw closer to Jesus Christ in our midst, living with us a life of sacramental grace and loving service.

May God bless you and grant you prosperity as you live a life of authentic Christian discipleship and stewardship.


Pope Francis: Don't 'overdramatize' your complaints to God
“Our life is too easy, our complaints are overdramatized,” the pontiff told those in the Vatican’s Saint Martha house in his Sept. 30 daily Mass. “Faced with the complaints of so many people, of so many brothers and sisters who are in the dark, who have almost lost all memory, almost lost all hope – who are experiencing this exile from themselves, who are exiled, even from themselves, (our complaints are) nothing!”

Evidence collected for Father Tolton's sainthood cause heads to Vatican
With prayers, songs and sealing wax, Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago formally closed the investigation into the life and virtues of Father Augustus Tolton Sept. 29 in a ceremony in the St. James Chapel at the Archbishop Quigley Center. The prayer service marked the binding and sealing of the dossier local research aimed at making Father Tolton, the first African-American diocesan priest, a saint. Cardinal George opened the cause in 2010.

Tough Lessons for Real Life from the Book of Job
When Job was stripped of what his fair-weather friends believed were the -proofs- of Gods favor, he found the greatest treasure of all, the beautiful poverty of purified Love. He found the richness reserved for those who love God for God's sake, for Love's sake. Jobs fair-weather friends told him that his loss and difficulties were his fault, but Job knew better. In his unwavering hope in God's love and mercy we find the example of purified, living faith for our own lives and our own times of stormy weather.

Pope renews appeal for peace in Venezuela
“Do not be afraid of peace,” Pope Francis said in a new letter that was excerpted by the Fides news agency. “Coexistence, dialogue, reconciliation, and union are not a defeat but a victory, because he who wins is the human being created by God in order to be able to live in concord and harmony.” Five months after Pope Francis urged the Venezuelan government and opposition leaders to become “true builders of peace,” the Pontiff has renewed his appeal for peace in the South American nation.

Woman in top vocations job feels called by God 'to support his sons'
"God has called me to take my talents to support his sons this way," said Sullivan. "It's not a job, it's a ministry." In her fifth year as executive director, Sullivan oversees the national organization's year-round efforts to provide support and ongoing education to vocation directors in 171 U.S. dioceses and major eparchies, as well as those in vocation ministry in other countries, including Australia, Canada, England, Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Scotland.

Around the Net – Catholic Blogosphere

Faith and Mystery
A mystery is that which we cannot fully understand, or fully grasp, and yet there are some mysteries which we believe to be revealed to us by divine revelation, and as such they demand the assent of the faithful. They may seem at a glance to be contradictory, but closer examination and greater understanding reveals that are not self-contradicting.

Why I Never Should Have Had Eight Children
When I was a happy mother of four, seriously considering and deeply desiring another child, an odd feeling overcame me. Over several days, my excitement at the idea of a new little soul became mixed with feelings of discouragement and fear. It began to dawn on me that I was barely good enough “mommy material” for the four treasures I already had, and that any further parenting would be irresponsible. It came to a head one evening: I remember standing in my kitchen, full of fear and anxiety, telling myself that I had no business – no business! — having another baby. Not now, not ever.

The Most Exclusive Job in the World: How to Become Pope (video)

Discerning My Vocation as an Artist
I am a Catholic convert (which is another story) but influential in my conversation was an older gentleman called David Birtwistle, who was a Catholic. (He died more than ten years ago now.) One day he asked me if I was happy in my work. I told him that I could be happier, but I wasn’t sure what else to do. He offered to help me find a fulfilling role in life. He asked me a question: ‘If you inherited so much money that you never again had to work for the money, what activity would you choose to do, nine to five, five days a week?’




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