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I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you, praying always with joy in my every prayer for all of you...+Philippians 1:3-5






Catholic News Service Photo
Catholicos Karekin II, patriarch of the Armenian Apostolic Church, exchanges greetings with Pope Francis during a divine liturgy at Etchmiadzin in Vagharshapat, Armenia, June 26. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Welcome to the virtual office for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock.  This home page and the other pages on our site are designed to provide you with access to indispensable information about the ministries and activities of the Church of Lubbock as well as valuable links to other resources.  We sincerely hope you will find that your visit here was an informative and inspiring experience.

Encompassing 25 counties on the Llano Estacado and Rolling Plains of West Texas, the Diocese of Lubbock -- is a church of more than 136,000 Catholics who gather in 62 parish churches.  Ours is a delightfully diverse -- a truly "catholic" -- church.  Please feel free to visit us in person and discover how you might draw closer to Jesus Christ in our midst, living with us a life of sacramental grace and loving service.

May God bless you and grant you prosperity as you live a life of authentic Christian discipleship and stewardship.


Full text: Pope’s in-flight press conference
When asked to comment on a statement by Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who had said that the Church should apologize for mistreating homosexuals, the Pope replied at length, saying that the Church should apologize for many different things: I think that the Church must not only ask forgiveness... to the gay person who is offended. But she must ask forgiveness to the poor, too; to the women who are exploited, to children who are exploited for labor. She must ask forgiveness for having blessed so many weapons...

SCOTUS strikes down regulations on Texas abortion clinics 
In a 5-3 vote June 27, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down restrictions on Texas abortion clinics that required them to comply with standards of ambulatory surgical centers and required their doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. The case, Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, challenged a 2013 state law, H.B. 2, placing the requirements on the state's abortion clinics. Opponents of the law claimed the requirements were aimed at closing abortion clinics. But the state and many pro-life advocates maintained that the law protected women's health.

Be known for your love, pope tells people of Armenia
The joy that comes from encountering Christ, he said, "renews our life, makes us free and open to surprises, ready and available for the Lord and for others." The exercise of charity renews and rejuvenates the church, he said. "Concrete love is the Christian's calling card; any other way of presenting ourselves could be misleading and even unhelpful," he said, because Christians are called to be known by their love.

Pope Francis 'angry' over media slant on women deacons
Pope Francis told journalists on Sunday that he was somewhat angered when reports emerged that the Church was allegedly paving the way for the ordination of women to the diaconate, since no such change is in the works. “The first to be surprised by this news was me,” the Pope said June 26 during an in-flight press briefing en route to Rome following his three-day visit to Armenia. “They said: 'The Church opens the door to deaconesses.' Really? I am a bit angry because this is not telling the truth of things.”

Supreme Court immigration decision is ‘huge disappointment,’ says USCCB committee chair
“The decision is a huge disappointment; it means millions of families will continue to live in fear of deportation and without the immediate ability to improve their lives through education and good jobs,” said Auxiliary Bishop Eusebio Elizondo of Seattle. “However, in the wake of this opinion, we must also focus on the bigger picture: comprehensive immigration reform is necessary to fix our broken system,” he added. 


Around the Net -- Catholic Blogosphere

In Case You Missed It: Young Nuns Are a Trend
There is a young and vital presence of religious sisters, novices and postulants in U.S. Catholic life, a new survey has found. The Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious has released its latest survey of its 120 member communities in 137 U.S. dioceses. Mother Mary Agnes Donovan, council chairperson and superior general of the Sisters of Life, said the council is “blessed” to have both older and younger institutes in its membership.

Why Do You Repeat Your Sins?
“Nothing so fosters false hopes and wishful thinking as much as the first four hours of a diet.” We grit our teeth, we clench our fists, we resolve, “This time, it’s going to be different!” We have our eyes on the prize, and then… we wake up clutching an empty box of Krispy-Kreme Donuts. We’re disappointed, but not surprised—this sequence has happened to us before. Now, let’s make it worse: “Nothing so fosters false hopes and wishful thinking as much as the first four hours after confession.”

Augustine & Descartes: God Is, but What is He?
A previous article discussed that both Augustine and Descartes arrived at the concept of an existing God by first concluding that each of them, as an individual person, existed. Augustine proceeded from his proof that he existed, from his Si fallor, sum (If I am mistaken, I am), to the conclusion that God must exist. Similarly, Descartes proceeded from Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am),to the conclusion that God must exist. For Augustine, God provides the illuminating light of truth for all we experience; and for Descartes, God is the guarantor of the truth of what we clearly and distinctly perceive.

Why medievalists should stop talking about Game of Thrones
This may seem like a storm in a very small teacup. But it is part of an argument about public perceptions of medieval history. This is particularly important at a time when university departments (not just history) are under pressure to demonstrate the value of their work to the modern world. Given that the vice-chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast recently remarked that studying the 6th century is not useful to society, agreeing that you work on “The Dark Ages” is to admit your own irrelevance.



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