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I give thanks to my God at every remembrance of you, praying always with joy in my every prayer for all of you...+Philippians 1:3-5




Catholic News Service Photo
Pope Francis greets a Swiss Guard as he arrives for the morning session of the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family at the Vatican. (CNS/Paul Haring)

Welcome to the virtual office for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lubbock.  This home page and the other pages on our site are designed to provide you with access to indispensable information about the ministries and activities of the Church of Lubbock as well as valuable links to other resources.  We sincerely hope you will find that your visit here was an informative and inspiring experience.

Encompassing 25 counties on the Llano Estacado and Rolling Plains of West Texas, the Diocese of Lubbock -- is a church of more than 136,000 Catholics who gather in 62 parish churches.  Ours is a delightfully diverse -- a truly "catholic" -- church.  Please feel free to visit us in person and discover how you might draw closer to Jesus Christ in our midst, living with us a life of sacramental grace and loving service.

May God bless you and grant you prosperity as you live a life of authentic Christian discipleship and stewardship.


Pope highlights importance of family farms in World Food Day message
In his message for World Food Day, Pope Francis deplored food waste and highlighted the importance of family farms, which he said can address food needs “without destroying the resources of creation.”  Calling the farming family “a model for social life, the Pope wrote that “we must learn from their experience, their capacity to work and, above all, that bond of love, solidarity, and generosity.” Farming families, he added, have an interest in preserving nature for future generations.

Benedict XVI will attend beatification of Paul VI
The retired Pontiff is one of three living prelates who were elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Paul VI on Sunday, October 19. The other two-- Cardinal Paulo Evaristo Arns, the retired Archbishop of Sao Paulo; and Cardinal William Baum, the former head of the Apostolic Penitentiary-- are also expected to attend the beatification.

We Need Courageous Bishops: Ignatius of Antioch is a Model
We need Bishops like Ignatius in this new missionary age of the Church. There is a literal assault on marriage and the family in much of the West. Yet, what the Church has to offer on the truth about marriage and the family paves the path to a future of true freedom and human flourishing for all men and women and every culture. The Lord Knows that - and the deposit of faith is in His hands. It must be defended so that it can be given to an age so desperately in need of true freedom.

Climate change is a moral imperative, says Vatican representative at UN
Archbishop Auza called particular attention to the concerns of small island nations that have said rising ocean levels could endanger their future. “This is paradoxical and unjust,” the archbishop said, “given that the primary factors of climate change, like high consumption and high-quantity greenhouse gas emissions, characterize highly industrialized societies.”

German cardinal defends Synod document, says Church teaching can change
"Saying that the doctrine will never change is a restrictive view of things," the cardinal told reporters at a Vatican press office briefing. Cardinal Marx, who is president of the German bishops’ conference, said that most of the country’s bishops backed the proposal by his fellow German, Cardinal Walter Kasper. “We cannot change the Church,” Cardinal Marx said, “but we have not understood everything yet.”

Sistine Chapel rented out as part of ‘exclusive Porsche tour of Rome’
The Sistine Chapel is being rented out on the evening of October 18 to the Porsche Travel Club as part of an "exclusive Porsche tour of Rome" for 40 tourists, according to the auto company and to media reports. Proceeds will benefit the poor and the homeless.

Around the Net – Catholic Blogosphere

Flawless or Holiness; What’s a Parent to Do?
As a new parent, I have quickly noticed that everyone has an opinion about the best way to raise my child. Authors, other parents, parishioners, and even strangers on the street are quick to offer advice or criticism of my parenting. As if this were not enough, society tells parents that they are not smart enough to raise their own children. If you don’t buy this book and learn the correct parenting techniques, you will scar your children for life. Parents are afraid to trust their own decisions and are always looking to imitate the latest guru’s advice so they can raise perfect kids.

Suffering, Catholic Style!
A while back on my personal blog, I presented a secular view of suffering. I posited that, for the secular left, suffering is seen as worse than sin or death. Suffering has no meaning, and the goal becomes maximizing pleasure and avoiding pain. There is a very different view of suffering on the Catholic side o’ town.

A Convert’s Journey with the “Rapture”
In my journey across the Tiber, the discoveries of the truths of Catholicism truly overwhelmed me. Upon learning the truth of the Eucharist, baptismal regeneration, the Communion of Saints, and more, I would stare at my Bible in amazement as to how I could have missed these teachings. There was one thing in my conversion that took some extra effort in dis-assembly, though: eschatology. Specifically, the rapture.

So Apparently People Have Been Getting Pope Francis Tattoos
So there’s thing thing called the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES), which is exactly what it sounds like, and it has 14,000 participants a year. One of the challenges in this year’s contest was “Have an image of Pope Francis permanently tattooed on yourself.” And people actually did it.
…you’re welcome?



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