As of 2020, the cathedraticum is a 15.5% assessment on parish income such as Sunday offertory and building fund collections for the previous fiscal year.

Non-assessable income is from jamaicas, fundraisers, insurance recoveries, grants, DCA payments, and second collections.

Parishes are billed for the entire year's assessment each July. The parish decides on payment arrangements to ensure the total is paid by June 30.

What does the cathedraticum fund?
The cathedraticum funds the administrative departments of the diocese:

Clergy - Admin
Finance Office
Catholic Renewal Center 
Office of the Bishop
Administration of the Annual Catholic Offering for Ministries 
Parish Administration
Tribunal office
Catholic Pastoral Center 
Bishop s Residence
Dues, Memberships, Gifts 
Deposit and Loan
The Joan Patton Finance Center 
Bishop Emeritus
Vicar General

The cathedraticum was established in 2020 because the DCA was unable to fund the diocese.

Bishop Coerver implemented a cathedracdium to cover necessary administrative expenses. The DCA was abolished and replaced with the Annual Catholic Offering for Ministries. 

Office of Finance & Accounting

Contact Information

 B. Marty Martin
Chief Financial Officer
806-792-3943 Ext. 212
Virginia Scherpereel
Executive Assistant to the Finance Office & Coordinator of Catholic Renewal Center
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 216
Katie Crosby 
Director of Stewardship & Development, & Systems
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 213

Jeannie Rodriguez
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 215

Nitsuh Agaje
Parish Accounting Director
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 246
Irene Miranda
Parish Accounting
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 217
Juan Carlos Martinez
Coordinator of Ministry Offering
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 206
Yvonne Rocha
Coordinator of Accounts Receivable
Phone: 806-792-3943
Deacon Martin Miranda  
Facilities Manager
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 228