Resource Library

The Office of Evangeliztion and Catechesis maintains a library for the use of the various parish ministries of the Diocese of Lubbock. The library contains:
- Catechetical materials
- Liturgical ministry support
- Personal enrichment materials
- Scripture study series
Videos and audio resources for catechetical and liturgical needs.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.


The usual check-out time for library materials will be two weeks. The exception is for certain seasonal materials. When several parishes need the same resources at the same time, we have a one week limit.
If something becomes damaged while in use notify the office upon return. Please be considerate of others who will also be using our resources.
Damage that comes with use and age will not be charged. Do report this to the office upon returning the materials. Damage caused through carelessness will be billed to the borrower.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation with these policies. It will enable us to be of greater service for more parishes on a regular basis. We do work to keep our library current and expanding for various needs.
The materials and equipment we have do not belong to the Office. They are not our property. They belong to all of you as parishes of the diocese. We need to be thoughtful of one another in the use of our common resources.

To request materials, or for further information contact:
Rose Martin, OEC Resource Librarian (806) 792-2234 ext. 224

Office of Catechesis

Contact Information

Alicia Alvarez
Director of Catechesis 
Phone: 806-792-2234 Ext. 222

Rosalie Martin 
RCIA Director 
Phone: 806-792-2234 Ext. 224 

Sister Peggy Szeljack
Division Director
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 230