Safe environment training for adult employees and volunteers who have contact with minors is a key element of the U.S. Bishops' Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The Diocese of Lubbock has revised training program for adults. The program, presented in video format by trained facilitators, is designed to help adults know what to look for in children that might indicate that they are victims of abuse and what behavior to look for in adults that might indicate abusive behavior with children.


The program also covers diocesan safe environment policies, standards of conduct, and how to report suspected abuse or neglect. Completion of the training program is required for all personnel (employees and volunteers) of the parishes, schools, and agencies of the Diocese of Lubbock who have contact with minors.

Safe Environment Staff


Belinda Aguirre
Coordinator of SEP 
SEP Safety Officer

Phone: 806-792-2234 Ext. 211

Oscar Reyes
Victim’s Assistance Coordinator
Phone: 806-543-9178

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Spanish Pólizas Y Procedimientos

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