The Office of Young Adult and Youth Ministry (YA&YM) released the theme for the Annual Youth Rally. This year's Youth Rally will be held on April 20th and 21st at Christ the King Cathedral School. The theme further's our diocesan youth with their encounter with Christ. It is taken from the Sermon on the Mount, and is inviting teens to accept the invitation to be who God has called them to be.


Poster contest 2018 Youth Rally: Be You This is taken from Matthew 5:48 “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” So how do we reach this perfection? By being who we were created to be, of course!

1. The created poster must match the theme of the 2018 Youth Rally: BE YOU!

2. The document must be saved as a word document, pdf, or jpeg form.

3. Submit to:

4. All submitted posters must be turned in by Friday, October 27, 2017.

5. Winner will be selected by Bishop Robert Coerver

The winner will receive…

1. Free entrance to the youth rally.

2. A personal introduction to the rally speaker.

3. A pass to the front of the line at all meals

4. Their poster will be sent across the diocese to be shared with everyone!

Youth Ministry Staff


Sr. Peggy Szeljack, CV 
(806) 792-3943 x. 230

D'Maris Murillo 
YA&YM Assistant
(806) 792-3943 x. 229