Office for Marriage & Family Life

The Marriage & Family Life Office objective is to build up the Body of Christ by promoting an authentic, Catholic vision of marriage and family life. We offer programs for marriage preparation, marriage enrichment, marriage intervention, and natural family planning, which reflects our vision. Each year we celebrate marriage anniversaries of 25, 50, and beyond at the Marriage Jubilee mass in October.

Programs Offered

Marriage Preparation:
- Catholic Engaged 
- Marriage & Family life office (806) 792-3943 ext 201
Encounter (Brochure)

Marriage Intervention:
  -Counseling @ Texas Tech 806-742-3074
-Counselling @ Catholic Charities 806-765-8475

Natural Family Planning:
-Couple to Couple League 
-Ramiro & Cynthia Cerda
(806) 863-2061 
-Nurturing Center
(806) 780-6853

Catholic Divorce Ministry
-Divorce Care
Rita Stevens (CTK) 806-792-6168 
Diane Pyle (Holy Spirit) 806-698-6400

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Office of Marriage & Family Life

Contact Information

Jenna Chang
Director of Family Life
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 201