In support of the Decree of the Bishop, the diocese has positioned itself to take online offertory payments on behalf of the parishes via Shelby Giving. The diocese will absorb all transaction fees associated with this online giving platform.

Click here to make your usual weekly offertory gift online.

We understand not every parish in the diocese has online giving capabilities. Of the 61 parishes, 45 have a website and only seven have active online giving. We understand you can mail or hand deliver your donation as a check. We also understand how placing an envelope in the offertory basket is an important public gesture of stewardship that many faithful Catholics appreciate. However, many parishes currently struggle to pay their bills. We do not want COVID-19 to be the downfall of our struggling parishes. Those on the outskirts with empty pews and without a digital address.

Most online giving programs take 2%-3% of each donation for processing fees. There is also a monthly expense for the software ranging from $20-$50. For 61 parishes these fees add up. However, the diocese will cover all processing fees and the monthly fees accrued during this time of pandemic. This could add up to more than $100,000. However, your donations to the current Diocesan Catholic Appeal for this 2019-2020 fiscal year, will help offset those costs.

Give to your parish here.


Director of Stewardship & Development
Phone: 806-792-3943