Deacon Council

The Deacon council, guided by the Director of the Diaconate Community, is the communal expression of the vocation, identity, and service of the entire diaconal community, made up of five Deaneries in the Diocese of Lubbock.
The Deacon Council is the representative voice for every Deacon in the Diocese. This Council enjoys a supervisory role over the Deacons as they perform their ministry, as well as their continued education formation. The Deacon Council, through its Director, is accountable to the Bishop of the Diocese.
The Deacon Council communicates with every Deacon in its Deanery. The Bishop communicates to every Deacon through the Council, even though each Deacon has a direct responsibility to the Bishop.
The Bishop intends to work and communicate and coordinate through the Deacon Council as much as possible.
One of the primary responsibilities of each Representative is a) the unity of the Body of Deacons, or the Diaconate Community, b) to maintain a high level of morale among the Deacons, c) to foster a high level of cooperation with their pastors, d) and to promote a higher level of continued deacon formation-education.
Bishop’s expectations-that because we are in the Year of Faith, which should be a deepening of faith, that we become better evangelizers for the New Evangelization and that you, Deacons, as a community of Deacons, be my leaders in promoting the New Evangelization.

Member Responsibiliites

1. The Deacon Council has as its responsibilities:
- Assisting the Director of the Diaconate in the formulation and recommendation of policies related to the ministry and life of deacons in the diocese;
- Assist the Director of the Diaconate in sharing and gathering information and insights from deacons at the deanery level;
- Assist the Director of the Diaconate in promoting continuing formation and gathering information from deacons at the deanery level on their assigned ministries.
- Fostering a sense of identity, community, collegiality, participation and mutual support among deacons, deacon candidates, their wives and families.
- When there is an active Formation program to assist the Director with information.

One deacon from each deanery will be appointed to serve on the Deacon Council. To be appointed, a deacon must have the status of an active deacon, and be incardinated in the diocese. Deacons appointed will serve for three years.
The Deacon Council will meet at least quarterly and will operate utilizing the principles of discernment and consensus.

2. Responsibilities of the individual members of the Deacon Council include:
- Assisting deacons in their deanery to know one another and share talents;
- Assisting in providing a diaconal presence at ordinations, funerals, deanery meetings and other gatherings; and
- Assisting in organizing deanery events to promote diaconate community and continuing formation.
- Keep in touch with retired deacons and with widows of deacons.

The Deacon Council and the Office of the Diaconate will assist the members with these deanery-focused responsibilities.

Deacon Council


Bishop Robert M. Coerver
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 205 
E-mail: [email protected]

Deacon Juan Cavazos
Director of Diaconate
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 221 
E-mail: [email protected]

Deacon Robert Lopez
Associate Director

Deacon Clarke Cochran
Consultant to the Diaconate
Phone: 806-438-9057
E-mail: [email protected]