Deacon Formation

The Office of Deacon Formation directs the Diocese of Lubbock‘s Diaconate Formation Program. This is a four and a half-year formation program which includes a discernment or aspirancy year which prepares men -- with the presence and support of their wives, if married -- for ordination to the Order of Deacons and diaconal ministry.

Application Information

Entrance Requirements are that the applicant must:
- Be a baptized and confirmed male, Roman Catholic for at least five years
- Be actively involved in the church and highly recommended by his pastor
- Possess natural gifts for ministry, demonstrate maturity and balance, enjoy good physical and mental health with no condition that would impede ministry
- Be free of all irregularities and impediments to Orders
- Be at least 31 years of age, and no older than 60 years of age at the time of application (there is some flexibility on this with approval from bishop)
- Be a United States citizen or a legal permanent resident
- Have successfully completed high school (or GED equivalent) and be capable of college level work Ø Be able to give time required for study and service without detriment to work and family
- [if married] have been married at least five years and live in a stable and valid marriage, enjoying the full support of his spouse who will participate actively in the formation program, and be willing to remain celibate if his wife precedes him in death.
- [if single...] enjoy a stable, settled life, a history of healthy relationships, and be able and willing to accept celibacy, understanding the implications of this charism.
- [if widowed...] have had at least two years to heal from the loss of his spouse, and be willing to promise celibacy.

Application Process
- Submission of application (including: necessary sacramental records; letters of recommendation from pastor, parishioners, and friends; wife's form, if married;
- Interview with the Admission and Scrutinies Committee.
- Screening (including: medical exam, psychological screening, and state and federal background checks).

Deacon Council


Bishop Robert M. Coerver
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 205 
E-mail: [email protected]

Deacon Juan Cavazos
Director of Diaconate
Phone: 806-792-3943 Ext. 221 
E-mail: [email protected]

Deacon Robert Lopez
Associate Director

Deacon Clarke Cochran
Consultant to the Diaconate
Phone: 806-438-9057
E-mail: [email protected]